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Enterprise Cloud Computing explained with cars – part 2 – private clouds

September 28, 2011

So we have looked at “self-hosting”, “outsourcing” and “enterprise cloud computing”. What in the world is a private cloud? If you remember that the enterprise cloud was all about a transportation service and not about the car and its technology itself you do get a clue what a private cloud would look like.

Private Cloud

It is actually you yourself creating that transportation service for your employees. You do have the economies of scale to get a bunch of cars create a fleet and a flexible system how and where people can use your service. It is the in-house fleet and transportation service.

Obviously this is something that you cannot build if you just have a need for very few cars. You do lack the economy of scale. Can you still benefit from the whole cloud idea? Yes, you can.

Enabling Technologies

The cloud service drives a whole of new range of technologies to manage a car more efficiently. And you can use these technologies to optimize your “self-hosting”. But do not get confused; even though many technology vendors call this creating a private cloud, it is no cloud! It does lack the service, scale and standardization combination (rule of the three S). So it is clever stuff like alloy or even magnesium wheels, a sporty exhaust, better oil, etc, but it is not a service.

I hope you liked this approach to explain the cloud through an allegory. Please do not be shy with comments either here, in LinkedIn or on Google+.

If you would like to have a more serious explanation on private cloud vs. enabling technologies:



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